Shop our self reflection guide - 30 days to a better you
Shop our self reflection guide - 30 days to a better you
Shop our self reflection guide - 30 days to a better you
Shop our self reflection guide - 30 days to a better you
Shop our self reflection guide - 30 days to a better you
Shop our self reflection guide - 30 days to a better you
Shop our self reflection guide - 30 days to a better you
Shop our self reflection guide - 30 days to a better you
Shop our self reflection guide - 30 days to a better you
Shop our self reflection guide - 30 days to a better you
Shop our self reflection guide - 30 days to a better you
Shop our self reflection guide - 30 days to a better you
Shop our self reflection guide - 30 days to a better you

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Here at Healthembody, we highlight the importance of mind-body connection. Looking inward results in external long-term changes! At the root of most health issues is inflammation caused by stress and a dysregulated nervous system. We know that traumatic events cause long lasting effects on the sympathetic nervous systems. These changes, if unaddressed, result in living in a consistent state of anxiety, survival mode, and fight or flight. We are here to share the tools to address the effects of this unresolved trauma and allow you to alchemize your life!

With a B.S in Exercise Physiology/Psychology from the University of Miami and as certified Breathwork coach and Reiki I & II practitioner, I am here to guide and empower you with the tools you need to transform your lifestyle and connect mind, body, and soul. You are the medicine, I am just here to remind you.

Check out our different options for you to tap into your ultimate alchemy!
Thank you for sharing your journey with me!
X, Em

Breathwork & Meditation

30-minute, 45-minute or 60-minute guided breathwork and meditation sessions to help bring you back to center, empower you to regulate your nervous system and get still with your body.

What makes these sessions special? I incorporate your favorite music with sound bowls and meditation frequencies to keep you engaged, centered, and present!

For best results- I am only offering 3 pack sessions to offer transformation and learning of these tools. My goal is to give you the skillset to use these tools and techniques in your day to day life :)

30 minutes (3 Pack)- $222
45 minutes (3 pack)- $333
60 minutes (3 pack)- $444
Breathwork & Meditation (30 Minutes)- 3 PACK
Breathwork & Meditation (45 Minutes)- 3 PACK
Breathwork & Meditation (60 Minutes)- 3 PACK


Distant Reiki works just as effectively as
in-person. As I am not physically there with you, you will be even more fascinated by how you feel post-session. Distance Reiki works because everything is energy and energy is not bound to time and space. We are all interconnected, as we are all energy matter and part of a larger whole. We all have the ability to connect with someone energetically no matter where the person is in the world.

Each Distant Reiki Session Includes:
Journaling exercises—to  check-in
Visualization meditation—to clarify
Breath work—to relieve
Distant Reiki—to heal
Resource Document—to reflect

$111 per session
Reiki (90 Minutes)

life coaching

For those who have worked through their trauma and are looking for accountability with the tools and mindset reframes needed in the aftermath.

What to expect in a session?
Breathwork- to relieve
Tapping- to reframe
Visualization Meditation- to clarity
Post session resources- journal prompts, affirmations

Whats included monthly?
- M-F text support 9-5 PM 
- Nutrition/ Exercise Programming (optional)
- 1 distant reiki session
- 2 breathwork sessions

$888 per month

$400 per month
Schedule a free consultation to see if we are a good fit :)

(coming soon)

For those looking to being working through their trauma with a licsenced professional. Psychodynamic therapy with mindfulness approach by our MHC-LP.

Our MCH-LP has experience working with the following issues:
anxiety, depression, complex trauma, domestic violence, sexual violence

Must be located in NY State***

express your interest for when our psychotherapist is ready

Work with Emily

Want Breathwork at your next event? Partnerships? Collaborations?

let's work!


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of japanese alternative healing focused on promoting stress reduction within the body. A reiki master uses gentle hand movements with the intention to guide the flow of healthy energy through the energy pathways of the body. Everything in our world is made of atoms and energy, including us as humans. The human body is a mass of complex systems of complex systems where energy is moving throughout. The energetic body is so intelligent that it is consistently rearranging itself to maintain homeostasis, allowing for the body to come back to balance.

How does it work you may ask? Our bodies have seven main energy centers along the spine known as chakaras. Their purpose is to move and draw Ki (energy) where it is needed to keep the physical, mental, meotional and spiritual health of the body in balance. When Ki is blocked or constricted around and in the chakaras, this manifests in our physical body in forms of illness in our organs, which causes our physical and mental wellbeing to be affects. Many things block the flow of healthy Ki. Reiki helps an energy block by moving the energy and bringing the body back into alignment.

Reiki sessions can be seen as a "therapy for mind, body, and soul." During our sessions, I will help you find clarity, peace and guidance around what's been on your mind, while giving you a glimpse of what it is like to connect with something  greater than yourself. In my sessions I use breathwork, meditation, and yoga to allow you to still your mind and connect with the energy in and around you.  

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is the conscious practice of using your breath to regulate your nervous system, connect with your inner mind, your spirit and your physical body. Breath is our main life force energy. We need air at all hours of the day, forever and ever. Using the air you breath as a tool allows you to hack your physiology in order to reduce stress, clear brain fog, get in touch with emotions and process emotions, move stagnant energy that remains in your cells, improve mood and decrease anxiety and depression.

The basic idea of breathwork is to release toxins and stress when you breathe out and nourish your mind and body when you breathe in.

What makes me different?
I use music theory and combine breathwork/meditation with frequencies and binaural beats to change brain state and allow for relaxation. I create custom playlists based on your favorite music to allow you to have fun while engaging in the breathwork practice. My goal is to make breathwork fun and playful :)

Life Coaching VS Psychotherapy?

Life coaching is intended for the individual who offers are looking for accountability and support to set up healthy habits, work through old outdated mindsets, and increase their executive functioning in the world after they have worked initially to uncover the roots of their triggers and trauma. Emily, our founder and life coach, has studied psychology, nutrition, exercise science at the university and graduate school level and undergone several holistic certifications (breathwork and reiki) to provide you with these tools and services during your time working together. She works with you to rewire your neural pathways and create patterns that stick by helping integrate and build tools and resources for YOUR spiritual, mental, and physical health toolbox.

Psychotherapy is for the individual a variety of treatments that aim to help a person identify and change troubling emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. With her psychodynamic approach, Eliza, our MCH-LP will work with you to address your emotions and work through processing them using a variety of treatments and tools. Pychodynamic therapy focuses on unconscious processes as they are manifested in the client's present behavior. The goals of psychodynamic therapy are client self-awareness and understanding of the influence of the past on present behavior. She uses a mindfullness based approach, promoting tools such as meditation, in her sessions.


Katelyn H. - ★★★★★

Emily’s guided meditations and breathwork sessions are beyond words incredible!! They relax and energize me at the same time! I feel so actually in my body during and after them! She is truly so gifted and I am oh so grateful for her!

Max E.- ★★★★★

Emily has guided me through multiple breathwork meditations and provided insightful life coaching that has helped transform my trauma into tremendous strength. After having shed the past that haunted me, I am free to live and create as I choose. Emily and HealthEmBody has been a by my side for this process and I would recommend them to everyone on this planet and the next one.

Olivia S.- ★★★★★

Doing a reiki session with emily in the outdoors was an extremely special experience. I always come into these things a little skeptical but I just trusted emily as she worked. At one point I felt something being pulled down my leg and that was what she was aiming to do! Comparing my experience (my eyes were closed the whole time) to what she felt and was trying to do was wild. She was completely in tune with what I felt in my body. I truly felt more grounded, lighter, and it helped me build a stronger relationship w my body. she truly has a feel and gift for this!